Rock Fort Temple

Sri Thayumana Swami Temple dedicated to Lord Siva and Vinayaka Temple built a top collectively called as Rock Fort. The 83 m high Rock Fort is in the middle of the city was initially built by Pallavas and fortified by Nayaks. This high cliff fascinates people from all parts if South India to climb up 437 steps to reach "Utchi Pillayar" from where the whole city is visible.
              Srirangam Temple

The important pilgrim center of South India is located in an island 6 km from Trichy. Surrounded by the waters of river Kaveri and its tributary Kollidam, is a 600-acre island-town enclosed within the seven walls of the gigantic Sri Ranganathaswami Temple. There are 21 pilgrims, among which the Rajagopuram is the largest in south Asia.
        Samayapuram Temple

This is a very important place of pilgrimage, famous for its temple dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman. The people believe that what they pray will occur. In the Tamil month "Chitirai" there will be a car festival and Poochoridal will be celebrated in "Pannguni"

                  Virali Malai

The pilgrim is about 30 Km from Trichy situated on the Madurai Road. Lord Subramanya Temple is situated on a hillock called, as "Virali malai" becomes the name of that place. A peacock sanctuary is also there on the hill

              Utamar Kovil

Among the 108 Vaishnavik Padalsthalam this is one of the famous temple, situated 8 Km North to Trichy (Musiri Road). All the three great Gods Bramha, Vishnu and Siva resides here. This place is also known as "Kadambavanam" of "Trimurthishektram"


          Brahadeeshwarar Koil

Rajaraja Cholan, the Great Chola king built the Bragadeeswarar Temple, also known as Big Temple. The outer measurement of the temple is 783 feet by 397 feet. High temple is an example of the Indian sculptural architecture greatness


              Ayyapan Koil

Located near the district court of Trichy, is a peaceful temple and attracts many people in all weekdays. This temple is famous for its discipline and neatness.


                 Malai Koil

This temple, dedicated to Lord Siva is also called as 'Erumbeeshwarar temple' is about 10 km from Trichy near Tiruverumbur on the Tanjore main road.


            Anna Planetarium

This is located on Trichy- Pudukkottai road opposite to Airport and is about 3 km from Trichy Junction. There is a global theatre where the documentary films are



The Upper Anaicut built in the 19th Century is about 685m long. The dam is divided in to three major sections so that it got the name "mukkombu", situated at the head of Srirangam is a very pleasant spot and people crowd their in weekends and on all holidays.




Kallanai Dam is built by Karikaalan. It is 15 Km from Central Bustand. With due care bathing and swimming is possible in this dam. Viewing this dam from top view is very good.